Celery Leaf Soup

These bunches of celery have been drawing attention over the last few days.

Can you eat the leaves? Is the question on everyone's lips. Yes, you can. There are many inventive ways of using them, such as making celery leaf chips!! However, this recent change in weather has me stuck with the urge for comforting, warm stews and soups. 

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An added bonus to this vegetable is the nutritional benefits it harnesses. Not only is celery very low calorie, it is a great source of fibre and contains rich amounts of vitamins (Vitamin K, folic acid, niacin & Vitamin C) and minerals (potassium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, calcium).

The best thing is that the leaves are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin A.

It's important not to boil these kinds of vegetables for long amounts of time as the nutrients decrease the longer heat is applied. However, recent research has shown that as long as Celery is steamed, it retains between 83-99% of it's nutrients even after 10 minutes. 

So here is the recipe for my Celery Leaf Soup:

1 bunch of Celery    |    2 garlic cloves    |    1 red onion    |    1 tsp black mustard seeds    |

1 red chilli    |    stock cube    |    salt & pepper    |   1 tbsp coconut/olive oil    |    

almond/soya cream    |

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Put your biggest pan on the heat and add the coconut/olive oil. Chop the onion and crush the garlic. Add these to the pan with the black mustard seeds, chilli and a little salt. Fry for 3-4 minutes.

Chop the celery sticks and leaves. Put the leaves to one side for now. Add the celery sticks to the pan and stir continuously for 5 mins. Boil the kettle and make a pint of stock (I used the kallo garlic & herb stock cube). Add the celery leaves and put the lid on your pan for 2-3 minutes so it can wilt. Finally add your stock to the pan, along with some more salt and lots of pepper! Take off the heat after 1 minute and leave the pan to one side for a few minutes. 

This is a good time to make a cup of tea or something.

Add the cream to your soup and blend.


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