Squash and Chickpea Curry

I love a quick and easy tea, I love chili peppers and I love curry.

So I didn't need an excuse like National Curry Week to use these splendid squash specimens.

With the sniffle season upon us this is the perfect time to get some vitamin C and the fresh ginger and chili will help sweat those sniffles away. 

If you've seen the earlier Harvest Time blog then you'll know all about the carotenoids in the spaghetti squash but the other fantastic thing is as it's name suggests the noodle like texture the squash goes once cooked.

The whole curry takes about 40 minutes to cook and prep so if you're serving with rice then get it on the hob once your squash is in the oven.

nom nom h-h-h-hot nom

Carolyn DavisComment