Pumpkin Iron

The first meal I learnt to cook was pancakes.

In our house pancakes were so much more than an annual treat; it was any time we pleased - and we pleased a lot.

I remember Mum making buckets full of the mix with sugar and lemon or jam and for dessert banana fritters :)

If you're wondering where this tangerine dream comes in, don't you worry I'm getting to it. 

As a teenager I ate them until I resembled them - as in circle, not flat -  I would try it them with fruit sliced in them and used them as a cannelloni tube, sweet or savoury it did not matter to me. Of course I have learnt to cook other things since then, the addiction has lessened but it's still definitely more than an annual treat.

Which (finally) leads us  to the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Pancakes!

So so so simple and so so so lovely on a cool autumn night. 

Take the pumpkin in hand and carefully slice a quarter off it, chop it up and boil it

Once softened enough for a mash, drain the water and well mash. Yep leave the skin on your gonna blend into a puree.

Add 2 eggs or equivalent replacer (generally 1 tablespoon per egg of ground linseed/silken tofu etc.) 

300 mls of your favourite milk and blitz till frothy. Next comes the flour it's pretty standard you want a plain flour, wheat or otherwise (as long as you have a gum in there) add a heaped tablespoon and blitz and repeat until the mixture resembles a yogurt consistency (if it looks like Greek yogurt however I would suggest you've gone a little too far - add more milk)

Pop a pan on the heat till it sizzles with a splash of water and ladle your first pancake, continue till you use all the mix.

My Ma was selfless and fed us all before herself (knowing that the best ones always come towards the end) however if you'd like everyone to eat together then keep them on a baking tray and pop them in the oven on a low heat to keep warm.

I roasted some veg and threw that on the stack and topped it with a tomato and walnut sauce...  

Oh the sauce.... I used a tin of chopped tomatoes, half-a-dozen walnuts smashed, generous sprinkling of tarragon and a teaspoon of brown sugar. In a pot, on the hob, 15 minutes.

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