Sunshine Sticks

Two days ago I was out enjoying the sun with every man and his dog in a park and today 6 layers to my person and the sunshine seems like a distant memory.

Native American's call polenta  "that which sustains life"

Native American's call polenta "that which sustains life"

So a little sunshine at tea time is just what I need.

Polenta may have been known as peasant food, being cheap and easily available in the winter.

But as it's full of Cartenoids, Magnesium, Flavanols and Polyphenols it seems like a good idea to add this versitile crop to our diets.

Sweet or savoury Polenta can be prepared for breakfast, as an alternative to an oat based porridge, mixed with milk, syrup and cardamon for a sweet Pakistani dish called Halva/Halwa.

But my favorite are the chips and here's how.

Start by simmering the polenta with your chosen stock for about 15-20 minutes; with 150g of polenta you'll want around 500mls of stock, as you simmer be prepared to add more water.

Once the polenta's consistency looks like a thick yogurt, take it off the hob and add your spices, I quite like a little heat to most things so thyme and cayenne plus the obligatory punch of salt and pepper have adorned mine.

Stir in the spices and spread into a pre-oiled flan dish or loaf tin and chill for about an hour.

When you remove the polenta you can cut to the desired size brush with a little oil and onto a hot pan/griddle they go.

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