Polenta for breakfast?

Let's face it alone, porridge is not exactly an exciting equivalent to nutrients-in-a-glass, but as the morning's welcome glow is coming later and later, the smoothie just isn't enough; I want a little warmth in my tum before venturing out for the day.

I came across a new(ish) breakfast craze called Zoats - that's Zucchini or Courgette with Oats. (I can't see it catching on in England because it would have to be called coats and we have those!)

Stay with me a moment and I'll explain....

You see courgettes; the little green squash that seem to be included in every veggie restaurant dish, are gobsmackingly good for you.

  •  anti-cancer properties that inhibit cell mutations
  • rich in magnesium and potassium which help to normalise blood pressure.
  • Vitamin C and the carotenoids stop the oxidisation of bad cholesterol in the blood, thus reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
  • Antioxidants slow down the aging process and helps with reconstruction of brain cells as does vitimin E and omega 3.
  • rich in vitamin C and Lutein they can help improve or maintain eyesight.

So obviously I grabbed a couple of courgettes and got julienne-ing but on reaching for the oats, the cupboard was bare... well not entirely.


Over the last week the recipe has grown and is even topped with nuts and homemade apple sauce.

I generally stick to the rule, a handful of carbs is plenty (even good ones) so I started with that. Also I wanted to add a little seeded protein power to counter act the sugar release of the carbs.

 And without further ado here it is....

photo 1 (5).JPG

I tend to measure with my hands and eyes, however I have weighed everything just for you.

35g Polenta - 15g of Chia - Linseed - Alfalfa - Cacoa nibs - 20g Pumkin seeds - 30g vine mix and 10g creamed coconut - 150mls water - half a courgette julienne style                                                                                   Place everything in a pan and put on a low heat. Cooking the polenta slowly helps to germinate the seeds (I always forget to soak them overnight) 

The C in Zoats

The C in Zoats

Stir from time to time it shouldn't take more than five minutes for the polenta to adsorb the water, then plate up and add what ever topping you like, as I said normally I just add a dollop of homemade apple sauce.

  • (very) simply apples peeled, cored and chopped + apple cider vinager to get it going and heat, when it looks soft and mushy, blend.
I had used up the last of my apple sauce, date syrup acted as a fine stand-in

I had used up the last of my apple sauce, date syrup acted as a fine stand-in