The tree of life

After my hairdryer departed from it's mechanical coil, I decided not to replace it and wander around instead with slow drying hair. Having to tie it up for my old job however led to, well, for want of a better word... a moldy scalp. Kinda like if you leave a wet towel balled up in the corner...

I tried every specialist shampoo I could find but if anything, no matter what the reviews had said, they made it worse. My scalp became almost painful with irritation and I was considering shaving my head and starting again (not a good look for someone with an unusually large cranium)

A more informed friend pointed out that coconut oil is an antibacterial and antifungal and I need to get some on my scalp tout de suite.

I found that a combination of 30 minutes of coconut oil on my scalp, followed by 10 minutes with a bicarbonate paste (just mix a bit of water with some bicarb) to exfoliate and wash out does the trick. Not only did the irritation stop instantly but my hair is now in the best condition ever and I've gone from doing it every 2 or days to once a week and now I just like the pampering. 

It's antibacterial too so works great as a natural mouthwash. Take a tea spoon of virgin coconut oil and swill it round your mouth for 15-20 minutes (to be honest I've been doing it for 5 minutes and I've still noticed a difference)

Named the "tree of life" traditionally coconut oil is used to treat everything from asthma to gingivitis to ulcers. 

It helps to keep the sniffles at bay. The medium chain fatty acids in coconuts help resist viral infections.

Be it oil, milk, meat, water, flour or flakes adding coconut to your daily routine inside and out makes for happier healthier humans.


Carolyn DavisComment