The moo free latte

Coffee is my sin, my addiction and I love it. 

Cows milk however is something I have never really liked the taste of and although I'm partial to a noisette (or 'shot and a dash') I like to spoil myself every now-and-again and splash out for a latte.

This is where the milk comes in; after a good 8 years free of moo juice I've substituted with soya milk for smoothies and lattes alike, however after some estrogen related problems I discovered it could be down to all the soya milk I've been drinking.

The Dilemma

You see the whole soya bean has nutrients like iron, potassium, protein and fibre and fermented soya like you find in miso has less isoflavones; and is more likely to be found in the beans by products like milk and oil. Isoflavones are a compound in soya that can be help as a natural hormone replacement, however it can also disrupt the natural flow of estrogen in both men and women.

This same compound can also stimulate epithelial cells (these are cells that line the inside and outside of our body and these are the cells are where carcinomas are formed.)

The test

So for now I've chopped the ol' soya milk off the weekly shop and I've been trying the rest; Smoothie wise I think my favorite is rice milk, naturally slightly sweeter and not as thin as oat milk (which by the way, splits in coffee whether steamed or not).

I'm not sure I could ever get used to a coconut coffee, although in every other part of my life coconut is the winner.

 Hemp milk however I had high hopes for.....


Steamer on and the milk stretched nicely, even doubled in size. Swirling around the jug it seemed to stay settled and then...


deflated back to it's original size, micro-bubbles fading into nothing.

The search continues....



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