The plight of the hand warmer.....

The sight of a young man absent-mindedly putting their hands down their trousers while watching a film or walking down the street, even at the dinner table (seen with my own eyes folks, oh to un-see the seen) can leave the viewer a little weakened in the stomach.

However I think perhaps we are missing the bigger picture.

I remember my brother at that age literally lived on a steady diet of pizza, burgers and instant noodles and it occurred to me that perhaps this was not an ode to the late Mr.Jackson, or a warming of the hands or even a comforting replacement to sucking their thumb, no perhaps something more serious that this is done to ease the discomfort of an unhealthy colon.

If this is the case I feel obliged to point out what the benefits of adding hemp seeds to your diet are.....

Hemp seeds and hemp oil are a great source of soluble fibre which is vital for keeping a happy colon free of toxins. Amino acids in hemp seeds give the liver a helping hand in removing toxins while Chlorophyll also found in these tiny orbs of wonder cleans the blood of impurities and helps improve blood circulation.

Now how to integrate hemp into your diet...

The oil can be used in much the same way as olive oil, salads but unlike olive oil it has a higher heat tolerance so cooking with hemp oil is OK too. And if you can handle it, it makes for an instant boost first thing taken as a tonic - this isn't for everyone but my Gran always said try it once and if you don't like it, try it another five times and if your not hooked it's not for you.

The whole seed has quite a hard shell and can be tough on the ol' choppers, and even the blender will struggle to free these guys. You can get them hulled but the majority of it's nutrients are in it's shell.

The quickest solution - Toasting the seeds; heat a frying pan till it sizzles with a splash of water then add the seeds, after a couple of minutes in the pan add a little cooking oil and cook for a further 4 minutes. Then sprinkle on salads or cereals or blend with your favorite seeds and fruit mix for a super smoothie.

A method that requires a little more patience - Sprouting; much like you would with any other seed (in a nut-shell....) Pop it in a jar and cover with water seal and leave overnight, drain and rinse and stick them back in the dark, repeat this last step till they look like                                                                                  tadpoles then rinse and eat (sprouts not tadpoles)

The fiddly one - hammer them into submission; get yourself two trays one slightly bigger than the other, put the seeds in the larger and cover with the smaller and then use a mallet to whack them open (note:don't try this straight on the table as they will ping everywhere!) then pop them in water to separate the shells and you're away.

So if you know any serial hands-in-the-trouser walkers please spare a thought and pass this on to them, you could be saving them from a lot of discomfort. And for those who's symptoms don't clear up we have an organic hand sanitiser.....

Carolyn DavisComment