Hot Hot Hot



Warm about 150mls of the the milk and add the Cacao powder, stirring till combined.
Then add the remaining milk and cream.
And add cinnamon stick.

Whisk it up for a frothy finish and serve.

(ideally next to a roaring fire... a candle will work just as well though)

And here's why this hot chocolate recipe, really does warm the heart!

Good news we no longer need excuses to have chocolate in our diets, in fact the more Cacao the better.

As well as naturally lifting your mood by enhancing the production serotonin and dopamine Cacao has over 700 known compounds and has the highest antioxidant polyphenol content which helps to keep a healthy heart.

And here's how....

Polyphenols protect cells from early destruction and also help reduce the oxidation of “bad” cholesterol which can produce inflammation in arteries. They also discourage blood platelets from clumping together and so prevent the hardening of arteries

The heart benefits of Cacao surpass any other drug!

A hot chocolate a day.....

Carolyn DavisComment