A L O E | H A L O

A L O E    V E R A


Plant, Food + Nature's Beauty Balm. 

Make a simple, natural intensive hair treatment in five minutes. For maximum effectiveness this process is best done whilst enjoying a hot bath with candles, a book and a glass of wine or herbal tea on the go. 

Take 2 thick organic aloe vera leaves and cut off the serrated edge of each side of the leaf. Cut the leaf in half and carefully scrape the inner flesh into a bowl. Put the leaves to one side for use later on.

Blend the flesh in a blender for 1 minute.

Now it will look like this (but with hopefully a few less green bits in - my skills with a knife are not great) - 

You're ready to go! Oh and use the leaves you're left with as a body moisturiser after your bath - just use the gooey side of the leaf and rub straight onto your skin. 

Wash your hair as normal, then saturate your hair in the aloe serum. Cover your hair with either a shower cap, a warm damp towel or (my favourite) a cling film wrap. Leave for 15 minutes. Rinse, then condition as usual. (I don't use conditioner so just left it at that).


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