Late Night Wednesdays

Wednesday's have always been a favorite for us; we get all our deliveries in from Suma, Trove and Organic North so we see some beautiful people who take pride in providing the highest quality in wholefoods and organic produce.

It's the one day that Allie and I are in together sharing, recipes, new food facts, nutrition and food blogs we've come across.

And now it's late night shopping. Every Wednesday we will be open until 8pm.

So no need to leave work early and arrive breathless with seconds to spare, grabbing your essentials and that uncomfortable limbo under the shutters at the end.

You can take your time shopping and even try some treats that we've made just for you.

This week we both found Rebel Recipes and fell in love! Her ideas are inventive and recipes are easy to follow and so far have we've had great results.

We wanted to try one out for our first evening, our equipment is limited so we went for her Red Velvet Bliss Balls

We may have some limitations here but finding top quality organic produce isn't one of them, we raided the shelves and we were away.

What shall we make next week?

What shall we make next week?