#WheatgrassGarden: Compost

Fancy a challenge? Got a green itch to satisfy? Love your juicing? 

Even without a garden our outdoor space at home you can grow Wheatgrass easily and cheaply on your windowsill. With minimal care and attention, and no pruning whatsoever, you can enjoy fresh, organic and continuous supplies of this wonder green all summer long.


So, over the next two weeks, we will be running a day by day guide with instructions and pictures to show you how to grow your own #wheatgrassgarden. Follow us on twitter @McCallsOrganics or facebook to see the steps posted daily! 

What will you need? This is pretty basic folks:

1 bag of Organic Spelt Grain, 1 Organic Fairtrade Compost block and a standard seed tray or half size seed trays (what I used). You can pick up #wheatgrassgarden starter packs in store for £5. All you need at home is a bucket for your compost!

So let's get started with our compost! 


Remove the compost block from packaging and place in a bucket or large washing up bowl. Add 6 litres of warm water and stir a little.

Leave the compost overnight and it's ready to use in the morning!

See you in a couple of days when we will be showing you how to prepare your spelt grain (it's really really easy).


Allie BellComment