#WheatgrassGarden: Into the Sun

Our grains have been hiding in the dark for a few days, so now they should have these little shoots coming out - searching for sunlight! 

Oooo and for those of you just joining us, if you want to check out the previous steps just click on these links to the Compost and Spelt Grain posts...

So, now it's time to put our trays in the sunshine. You can put them on a windowsill or outside, it's up to you. Growing your wheatgrass is incredibly low-maintenance from now on; all you have to do is keep the trays moist without overwatering. Simple. 

Soon, the shoots will start to grow towards the light, like this!

And after 2-3 days in the sunlight, you'll see the beginning of some green shoots...!

photo 1-6.JPG

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