May is National Asparagus month.

British asparagus is said to be the best in the world... or so says, so what better way to celebrate our homegrown pointy veg then with a few recipes.

My favorite way of cooking asparagus is not exactly a cuisine challenge but so tasty; on a very hot gridle to get those nice chard lines that are both decorative and tasty, then drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice, these are great along side your favorite dip or even on their own, but always leave the cutlery with this one and let your digits do some work for a change.

As this method is a little on the simplistic side, I thought I add a not-so-cheesy-cheesy bake.

What is it about cheese? I crave it, if it's in my shopping bag it's gone before it gets to the fridge and then follows two weeks of pain and discomfort as my body hates what I have just knowingly done to it.

I love cheese sauce too, it was the first thing I learned how to cook from scratch so you can imagine how many meals since I've tried to drown in the stuff.

Recently I have consoled myself with tomato or red pepper based sauce but nothing was quite the same... until now.

Cashew, cashew how I love thee

For the cheesiest not-so-cheesy-cheese sauce all you need is....

Now start with a basic bechamel

Simply a tbsp of spread (I use sunflower) melt in a pan and off the heat, add some flour to make a paste, then slowly add milk (I used almond) stir as you go to avoid lumps and pop it back on the heat. Add 3 tbsp of "Parmesan" and stir until the mixture thickens.

For the bake