Avocado Heavendaise

Spoon over poached organic eggs on a  toasted omega bagel (the gluten free ones from Loafing Around are the best) and on the side some roasted asparagus and a rocket salad.

My favourite breakfast for a while, on the mornings of my days off this is a necessary treat. I've seen a few recipes - the first was from www.foodandwine.com. I've made this so many times now that I just slug the ingredients in until it's got that gloopy hollandaise consistency; so take my measurements with a pinch of salt (literally) as it will also depend on the size and density of your avocados.

1 large avocado    |    1 tbsp  extra virgin olive oil/hemp oil   |    juice of 1 lemon    |    salt & pepper

Whizz in a blender - add a bit more oil if it isn't quite creamy/gloopy enough, and salt and pepper to taste. 

Sort your sides - we've had Organic British Asparagus in the shop for a while now, so I roasted them in garlic and coconut oil in the oven for 10 mins. The rocket salad is about a simple as they come. Wash the rocket, cover in pomegranate molasses. 

Et Voila!