From Hero to Zero


You might have noticed a tiny change to our shop over the last month…ok, a BIG change! As much as we’re enjoying your jokes that we moved everything round just to keep you all on your toes…the idea came from our brilliant manager Caz who is always looking at ways we can be more environmentally in-tune. In the not-so-distant future, it will be probably be normal to shop without single-use packaging. So why not start now?

At first, it’s a bit overwhelming: it’s all in jars, how do I weigh it?, I don’t have anything to put it in…etc. Below is a guide to our #zerowaste section. Whether you’re the I’ve-brought-17-jars-with-me-now-where-is-the-buckwheat shopper, or the I-just-came-in-on-the-off-chance-you-sell-arborio-rice kind of customer, let us show you around…it’s easy once you get the hang, and pretty fun too!

I haven’t got my own bag or jar - no problem! We sell compostable bags for 10p each, or you can buy small (50p) or large jars (£1.05) to take your goods away in. The bags are found right above the scales at the weighing station, and our jars are underneath the bucket section.

I’m ready to weigh! - Whether you’re using one of our bags/jars or one of your own, the process is exactly the same.

  • Place the empty bag/jar on the scales

  • Enter the price per kg (found on the lid) - make sure you use the decimal point!

  • Press “TARE” - this gets rid of the weight of the bag/jar

  • Weigh - the weight in grams appears in the box on the left, the price on the right

  • Use the handy funnels (on hooks underneath the scales) or vegware gloves

  • Write the price of your goods using the chalk pen

Swipe through the gallery to see what we sell…everything is organic, unless labelled NOT ORGANIC…

Enjoy! Tell your mates! And, any feedback you have we’d love to hear - this is a continual process and one that we could not have ventured without your fantastic response so far. Say hi at - see you at the weighing station!

Carolyn DavisComment