Wild Garlic Risotto


THE FORAGER’S FAVE, and perfect if you’re a beginner to hunting for free foods…throughout March and April you’ll find this green delight covering the floor of parks, woodland and path edges.

It’s flavour is hard to beat and if you’re a garlic lover, you’d be seriously missing out if you didn’t take your favourite human out for a springtime wander to pick some.

There are some brilliant recipes out there; Wild Garlic Pesto, Wild Garlic Soup…WILD GARLIC PANCAKES (head HERE for our recipe from pancake day!). Search the internet and the fandom for this food is REAL. Our Wild Garlic Risotto recipe is vegan, gluten-free and made with quinoa to give you an extra load of nutrients on your dinner plate. Without taste-o-vision, you’ll just have to trust me that it’s ridiculously delicious AND that discovering this incredible food is a spring-cooking GAMECHANGER.



  • Wild Garlic looks similar to Lily of the Valley - which is poisonous - the way to tell them apart is to break one of the leaves and smell it - if it smells like garlic, you’re alright!

  • If in doubt of what you’re foraging, LEAVE IT ALONE, don’t risk it!

  • Only take your fair share - enough for your family’s dinner is about right. You can always come back for more!

  • Oh… and make sure you give it a really thorough WASH!! It’s often at dog peeing height… 🐶


2 generous handfuls of wild garlic
1 tsp bouillon
4 palm-fuls of quinoa
chestnut mushrooms
1 medium onion
1 stick celery
handful of spinach
oatly single cream
1 tsp dried thyme
1 tbsp vegan spread
3 tbsp nooch
1 tsp deodorised coconut oil
salt n pepper

blitz the wild garlic in a blender/food processor
chop onion + celery finely
heat the coconut oil in a pan
when it’s hot, add the onions + celery, stir
boil the kettle
keep stirring
in a jug mix the bouillon with 500ml boiled water
add the quinoa to the pan, keep stirring
after 2 mins, add 2 ladles of the stock
continue adding 1 ladle of stock at a time, when the liquid is nearly disappeared in the pan
slice the mushrooms
in a separate large frying pan, add the spread on a high heat
add the mushrooms, laying them flat to the pan
when they are brown, flip them over carefully and add the thyme
when both sides are brown, cut the heat and leave them to one side
keep adding liquid to your quinoa pan until the quinoa is pretty much done
add the wild garlic, mushrooms + nooch, stir in
add the spinach, then the oatly cream, stir in
salt n pepper to taste

Carolyn DavisComment